Mission complete: campaign ends, closing stats


Figure 1: Today's donation totals

After 50 days of crowdfunding, the GnuPG campaign for new website and infrastructure will close tomorrow. That means rewards for backers can now be ordered and preparations for dispatch can begin. Here are the results so far:

  • 36.741 EUR raised out of 24.000 target
  • 1.081 people donated in support
  • 350 EUR Largest single donation
  • 33 EUR average donation
  • 365 Stickers claimed
  • 300 T-shirts claimed
  • 191 GnuPG email addresses claimed
  • 793 Additional Twitter followers (from 60)

Goteo, the Free Software platform hosting the campaign, usually required two 40 day rounds of funding, but in our case we're ending early, after just 50 days. This will enable us to deliver the new site and GnuPG 2.1 faster, and is possible thanks to reaching our goal so quickly (in just 26 hours).

We're currently preparing a system for collecting donor preferences for their rewards (sizes, addresses, etc.), so expect to be contacted in the next week or two if that includes you.

Thanks again to all our backers for the overwhelming support that GnuPG has received!