Preparing for launch

Mid December, giving season, and nearly time for the GnuPG Crowdfunding to commence. We've been working hard on preparations. Drafts of the new mobile website design have been published and met positive feedback, and a community-contibuted promo video was posted on YouTube. GnuPG coverage on Twitter continues to grow with many articles (The Guardian, Kaspersky Labs, The EFF, Lifehacker, …) and 252 new followers in 6 weeks.

Click here to view the video on YouTube. [embedded video removed on 2014-04-28 due to privacy issues]


Figure 1: New mobile site draft

Last Friday I announced the crowdfunding to a crowded audience at Berlin event "Whatever happened to privacy", and Markus Beckedahl (Netzpolitik) and Jacob Appelbaum (Tor Project and Wikileaks) amplified the importance of supporting the project. Hugo Roy (FSFE) gave a talk on Wednesday about the campaign at the Paris 'Hackadon' - a new conference for Free Software giving, organised by three crowdfunding organisations. His slides are online in the GPG presentations repository.

Hopefully the crowdfunding page on Goteo (a Free Software Kickstarter) will be ready for launch next week. Email me if you can help with translating the press release - we're aiming for at least three languages. And don't forget you can still sign up for email updates (form below). Thanks for all your support so far!

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